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We are the experts for implementations and operations of data management platforms and marketing automation suites.
IT typical tasks like System Administration, DevOps and Software Development are part of our DNA.

Implement & Operate

Speed-up your time to market approach with our expertise in implementation and operation of Advertising Technologies (AdTech) and Marketing Technologies (MarTech). Increase your efficiency and productivity by reducing using less technical staff.

Start your Technology Engine!

Smart integrations of processes and technologies, which make data and services available at any time and any place are fundamental for your business success.

Boost your Software Development!

Utilize our up2date application-development and -management to secure your investment by making the right, future-proof decisions.

How we Work

Platform Creation

Combining data, know-how, and technology to create an individual “platform-solution” to create a personalized experience for your customers

Tech Creativity

Add value to your technology based and data driven marketing efforts through dynamic-creative-advertising solutions (DCA).

Business Outcome

Tie together best of breed technologies (marketing suite products) which fit your marketing needs and leverage business outcomes.

User Stories

Create personalized experiences to meet customer expectations. Understand customer data stories to increase engagement and satisfaction.

Open Mind

Break up silo thinking through implementation and combination of existing marketing automation tools to get a broader customer-view.

Customer Focus

Create an overall, profile based customer view and adapt your marketing activities, to drive customer centric marketing activities.

Our Services

We are here to assist you to enhance your current technology environment by expanding and/or streamlining your existing toolset.
Identifying and implementing best in class software set-up and marketing automation tools which fits your specific business needs and allow you to get the full picture.

DMP and MarTech Implementation

As experts in Data Management and Marketing Automation Technologies, we help you figure out the right solutions for your specific needs and do the implementation and setup work for you.

Software Development

It doesn’t matter if you need a best in class new UI or an API, we enhance and refine your existing software solutions or create and implement new software suites for you.

BigData Architecture

We create highly customized big data architectures which fits exactly the needs of our customers. Taking your current technology landscape into account for best combinations.

BigData Technology

We identify and recommend best in class software partners and products for your infrastructure and accompany you by setting up and operate your technology ecosystem.

Strategy Implementation

We help you to turn your strategy into practice by planning and executing your projects to embed new technology-setups to serve your customer holistically.

Enterprise Transformation

We identify your needs and implement technology systems for your transformation process. This includes also managing your technology and vendor partnerships.

Why Choosing Us

Technical Experts

We are the experts in BigData technical environments with focus on Data Management and Marketing Technology.

Longtime Experiences

Industry veterans from various areas with broad, tech-based background and a hands-on approach, but always with the big picture in clear focus.

Business View

Technology is not always a cost center! We demonstrate added value and business outcomes when utilizing the right software solutions.

Partner Network

We partner with leading international technology vendors which gives us the opportunity to be your first contact in every support case.

Flexible and Dynamic

Focus on your business! We will manage your technical challenges in the meantime with a flexible, dynamic and agile team.

Quality Characteristic

We love what we do and we are committed to what we do. Client satisfaction is crucial to our success.

Contact Us

We are happy to get in touch with you!

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